Are you looking to make money online? If so, take a look at what we have to offfer you!

We have a number of authors on site, both new, upcoming and experienced and we have identified those authors who are happy to give away some of their royalties in exchange for other people who want to earn money by promoting their works.


At Fiction4All we sell both digital books (eBooks) and paperbacks - and you , as an affilate can sell both types of product.

We have kept things as simple as possible.

For eBooks you will earn 30% of the sale price of the book.

For paperbacks you will earn 30% of the net sale proceeds (this is the sale price less things such as the print costs and any handling costs levied by our printers).

To be able to earn money, you need to do the following:-

Join us as a member. If you are already a member, then just log in as a member.

Make sure you tell us how you want your commission paid to you by completing the information on the Account tab within the affiliates suite.

Use specially encoded links to promote the books of your choice.

Any visitor you bring us who becomes a member is yours for life. Which means whenever they buy books from us you will earn commission. If they buy as a guest you will earn commission for any books they buy during their visit.

To be part of our affiliate program you must be at least 18 years of age and legally allowed to enter into agreements or contracts. If you try to join us and we discover you are under 18 your account will be closed.

Please read the documents below carefully (click on the buttons - they open in a new window).
They are there to provide you with more information. Then when you are ready, please join us from the link below.

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Affiliates guide

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Commissions Info

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