We welcome both new and experienced authors.
Fiction4All publishes books on an exclusive basis, i.e. they are not already published by you the author or available on free sites.
If your book has been previously published by another publisher, it must have been removed from sale and rights must have reverted to you.
If you are a self-publisher (independent author) then please use our self-publishing suite to sell your books on our sites.


For all authors submitting books on this site, we now require a Publishing Agreement to be set up between Fiction4All and the author.  This is to prove we have rights to distribute your works on other sites and also to ensure both parties understand what is expected from the publication and distribution process. An agreement will be created based on the information you, the author, provide at the time of submitting the book to us, and will be sent to you within 72 hours of the submission being made. We will NOT start the publication of new submissions until an agreement is in place.

With our Exclusive Author program we expect authors to provide their manuscripts in a format that is as close as possible to our in-house style.
Please read more about our Style Guide below!


BEFORE submitting a story to us, please make sure you have thoroughly spell-checked and grammar checked it.

If you submit books that do not come close to our standards we will offer you a paid editor service. This is so we can focus our efforts on selling your books as opposed to providing free editorial input.

If your book meets our standards and once a Publishing Agreement is in place, we will ensure the book is formatted to our in-house style, add copyright notices and create the various formats required to sell the book on our sites and on 3rd party sites.

If you have a cover image we can use (one that is either copyrighted to you, or not copyrighted) then please let us have it!
Likewise if you have a preferred excerpt from your book for us to use then please provide it.

We will sell your book on various sites we own depending on genre. There's more info on this in our Publishing Guide document below.

We also try and sell your book on other sites depending on the genre of your book. These are 3rd party sales. See our Royalty Guide for more information.

For suitably sized books we will also consider your book for a paperback edition and a separate paperback edition on Amazon provided we can first sell a digital version of your book on Kindle. See our Paperbacks guide for more details.

We do not publish exclusively any book that is under 5000 words in length which is the start point for the range of micro books we will publish.

If you are at least 18 years of age and looking for a publisher and want to discover how to get published by Fiction4All, please read the documents below.

For authors published by us we will publish your book under one of our genre-based imprints as appropriate for your story: See our Imprints guide below.

Please read the documents below carefully (click on the buttons - they open in a new window).
They tell you a lot more about our publishing program, what we do, what we expect from our authors, and other terms and conditions.
These have been updated in July 2020 to reflect changes to the way we now operate.

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Exclusive publishing guide

Our full exclusive author guide, including what we do and do not publish


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Discover more about our Style Guide - how we want your submission formatted.


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Discover more about Market Boost program for paperbacks

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