If you need help getting your book ready for publishing, then we have an independent editor,

with decades of experience,

who can get your book ready to sell.

If you are a new or inexperienced author, or if you just need help to get your book up to scratch,

you may well need someone who can help you.

You need someone who can check your book for grammatical and spelling errors,

who can then format the book to our required layout,

and who will give your work the attention it deserves.

Fiction4All is now receiving so many scripts from authors, it is now unfortunately impossible for us

to handle all editing in-house. A growing number of authors are sending us great stories that are

sadly not checked properly and we donít have the resources to edit the script to bring it up to a

reasonable quality which we can sell.

Rather than just reject a script, we would rather authors who need help with editing, approach our

recommended, independent editor who will help you get your book on sale as quickly as possible.

To obtain a quote please send your script and a synopsis

as a Word document attached to an email, to:

dorothy2583 at gmail.com