This page was last updated July 2020




In October 2019 Fiction4All launched the

Market Boost Program for Paperback Editions.


This program revolutionises the way the author can make more from their paperback editions, both from new titles and existing titles. Fiction4All has signed up to our printers Global Marketing initiative – meaning we can now print and ship your paperbacks in almost every country around the world. No longer are we limited to the UK, we can now have your book available for sale in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, India, China, Russia, Brazil and South Korea – with more countries coming online in the next 12 months.


Access to this HUGE market is based on our printers’ Global Connect Program, and requires books to be listed in their marketing catalogue. This is achieved by a payment on an annual subscription basis, and the subscription can be cancelled just before renewal date if a book is not required to stay in their program. One requirement for entry into the catalogue is the book must be assigned an ISBN, which then requires legal deposits of the book to be made to the British Library and upon written request to the five university libraries covered by ALDL.


If that all sounds complicated – it isn’t, because Fiction4All will handle all the legal requirements for books we publish with an ISBN.


With effect from July 2020, if an author has opted In to our extended paperback program then any suitable title published in an imprint associated with the Fiction4All author suite will be assigned an ISBN and Fiction4All will cover the cost of this and entry into the Global Connect Program for 1 year. After the year we will either remove the book from the GCP marketing catalogue or pay for a further year’s subscription.


For older titles that were published without an ISBN, the author can use the Market Boost option in the author suite to pay for an ISBN and inclusion in the GCP marketing catalogue for a year.


The required processes and costs are detailed in the Market Boost Program option which you will see from the AUTHORS tab when logged into the author suite at


This is an exciting expansion of our paperbacks program, one which places your book firmly under your control.