This page was last updated July 2020


The July 2020 update has simplified our royalty structures and is applicable with immediate effect. If you are an author with books already published and you do NOT agree to the royalty rates below, please contact us and we will cease selling your titles.


We have a number of sites your book may be published on as one of our exclusive authors.


These rates apply only to books published under the imprints on Fiction4All


Digital sales across all our sites 70% sale price

Paperback sales across our sites 50% Net sale Proceeds


Sales on 3rd party sites, including Kindle and Smashwords 50%


Where you opt into any of our affiliate programs where we sell books your royalty will reduce to reflect the portion you are prepared to offer any affiliate who sells your books. In the case of the affiliate program on Fiction4All this is 30% of the sale price of a digital book or 30% of net sale proceeds for a paperback sale. You will then earn 40%.


Please see our Paperbacks Info pages for more information on our paperbacks options