As most people will have heard by now, the Coronavirus Covid-19 has officially become a pandemic.


Unfortunately we have become aware that some of our authors are now affected by this virus and for the moment are unable to continue writing, either because they are infected themselves or because their energies have to be redirected to look after loved ones. We are also aware a number of our visitors and customers are also facing the threat of this virus. Accordingly, and until sales resume to something close to our normal level, we will be reducing the amount of books we publish and will only be sending out newsletters when there is something new to mention.


Over the past few weeks we have also seen different governments adopt different stances in the hope of containing the virus, or at least delaying the impact it has across whole populations. Each country has its own strategy and it is VITAL that you ignore the many fake advice being offered and instead follow the advice you are being given by your own governments, and the WHO.


The WHO advice can be found at:


The centre for disease controlís official website and advice can be found at:


And from the UK Government, if you have experienced fever (a raised body temperature) or a new, persistent cough then you MUST self-isolate for a period of at least 7 days, and if symptoms get worse then call 111 for medical advice.


The UK NHS advice can be found at:



This page will be updated as the advice changes.