In The Boss

In The Boss' Words

(Ernest R. Rugenstein)

In The Boss' Words

How To Use This Book


The question naturally comes to mind, what is the best way to use these inspired writings.  Dale would say, "the way you feel led to" [use these writings.] 


I have organized some of her writings into fifty-two passages, each fashioned in such a way as to be used weekly.  You can start at any time and follow through for a year. The basic idea is you should read a passage contemplate and meditate on it each day for a week before proceeding to the next passage. Every time you read and meditate on a passage, you will, hopefully, see insights into yourself and others.


I encourage you to read and ponder Dale’s writings. You, like me, may find your life changing as you experience the wisdom, caring, and love she unselfishly shares.


Ernest R. Rugenstein, Ph.D.


The Boss is a collection of writings to help you appreciate wonderful days more, handle your anger better, and see the power that’s within you. It will give the reader new insights into their obsessions, their need to give and receive forgiveness, and success in their relationships. The collection contains 52 weeks of knowledge and contemplation that is the result of inspired writings.


These writings came from channeling and inspired communications between the "Boss" and Dale. The process began in November 2008 and lasted until February 2012 when the "Boss" ended their interaction.  The name "Boss" was more an understanding of the force Dale interacted with than a title she used. Dale says the Boss was the Creator. Was it God? Dale never said, she just called this force the "Boss." The next question, of course, is who is Dale?


Dale is someone I met by chance through a friend. She is an impressive person without being extraordinary. Over multiple conversations, she told me of a number of writings she wanted to share with others—writings given to her by the "Boss." Dale asked if I would take them and organize them into a useful book. I agreed not knowing there were hundreds of notes, and small passages. What is presented here are the most helpful and inspiring. And that’s my opinion, one I hope with which you will agree.


It was during our talks, I found that Dale used her skills as counselor and as a psychic for Native Americans and other locals where she lived  Additionally, Dale did a number of psychic investigations for private individuals and has in the past been employed by various governments. As we continued our talks, I realized Dale was a private person and would want me to say that who she is isn’t as important as her writings.  

One of the few sources of information on Dale’s life confirms what she revealed to me. In Silent Invasion[1] by Ellen Crystal,  Dale is credited with helping Crystal’s investigations in Pine Bush, NY, Pine Bush, NY located in the historic  Hudson Valley area was a center of UFO activity in the 1980’s. Numerous publications such as Omni magazine had reported on these activities. In 1986 Ellen Crystal, an investigative reporter and writer, was engaged in an investigation as to what was occurring at Pine Bush. Thousands of people had witnessed UFO’s in the sky around the  area, including the local cemetery. 

Crystal was documenting and photographing UFOs in the Pine Bush area. A colleague of hers, Dr. Hans Holzer of the Amityville Horror investigations,  sent Dale and her colleague Mark to meet with Crystal. It was a good match. With a doctorate in parapsychology Dale added another dimension to Crystal's investigation. Dale and Mark had worked with various government agencies as civilian contractors documenting and photographing UFO sites, UFO viewings,  and cattle mutilation and exsanguination.

In Crystal’s Silent Invasion we find insight into Dale’s personae through the descriptions of her that is provided there.

The woman (Dale) called me one day. I didn't know anything about her; Dr. Holzer[2] hadn't told me he was sending her my way. . . she seemed knowledgeable . . . Her name was Dale. She and her colleague, Mark, came to my home one evening . . .[3]

Dale and Mark told me they had worked together in the Boulder, Colorado, area several years before, doing exactly what I was doing in Pine Bush — photographing and cataloging UFOs for a government study.  Dale was in the medical field, called in to examine the hundreds of cattle and other animals that were being mutilated through surgical techniques.[4]


Dale and Mark said the government realized that the aliens had psychotronic technology and that it was also experimenting with psychotronic devices to reproduce Tesla fields itself.[5]


Dale knew I didn't believe everything she told me, but I always kept an open mind and let her talk without making any remarks. In time, I learned she never lied. She knew about too many things that I had also seen for me to doubt that she was on the level.[6]


Our ancestors dreamed us into existence.

                        Illania Berger




Week 1: Courage . . . and what it means-really!


Dear Ones,

Courage is one of those words that's easy to say, but damned hard to do!  There are times in all our lives when we are just plain scared.  Now, for some reason, there are people running around telling other people that if you think "positively" all will be well.  And in many cases, this becomes a reality.  Because our beliefs allow us to conquer fear and work our way through our situations. 


 But then, in some cases, comes the BIG kahuna.  The big wave that we CAN'T think our way out of.  For example, someone we love develops cancer, or we become ill, or we lose the job that puts the bread on our table, or the car breaks down and we have no money to replace it.  When there is no food in your house, it's damned near impossible to be positive. [Think of the recent devastation in Texas, Puerto Rico, and California]  So....what do you do? 


 First of all, put pride aside and reach out to those that love you and care about you. You will be amazed at how many people are truly kind.  I had a client who is a single mother, and her car died.  She came to me and we tried to figure out what to do.  For some reason, another client of mine came into my thoughts.  Her husband had died about six months ago.  Single Mom and I said a prayer together and called the lady.  I explained to her the situation, and God bless her always, she said: "tell this young woman to come over and get Allen's car".  Now that's a miracle. 


 This Mom was able to continue working and caring for her children and this woman gave an example of earthly love that I, for one, shall never forget. 


 But there's something here that YOU must never forget.  While we are in the physical body, do you understand that YOU are the eyes, ears, hands, and heart of the Creator?  YOU make Him real! YOU make Him appear in others’ lives.  We are here for each other.  Because He is here for us.  Do you want to stand in some real "Light"?  Then help your brother or sister.  None of us needs new carpet so badly we'd allow another person to starve. 


That's real light.  Practice it.  BE IT!  And along the way, a funny thing will happen.  Whatever fear you've carried in your life will disappear.  And you will find courage.  To walk whatever the road may be.  And may God bless us one and all as we learn and become a true reflection of what we Adore!

Hugs and Blessings,


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