Slaves of Hollywood 3 - Starlet/Slave by Declan Brand

Slaves of Hollywood 3 - Starlet/Slave

(Declan Brand)




Gerard Brown stood in front of the bathroom mirror regarding the image that stared back at him.  Not bad, he thought, holding up an arm to judge the firmness of the muscle.  The exercise really does help.  Brown had been ‘elected’ Sexiest Man in Hollywood four straight years by the readers of People Magazine—and he still looked the part.  That was only five or six years ago, he told himself.  I haven’t changed that much since I turned forty!

He took one last look, smiling ruefully at his reflection.  Changed or not, his position in Hollywood had certainly shifted.  While he was the ‘sexiest man alive’, he had been kept busy with nothing but action roles; he’d fought terrorists, spies and once, aliens from—and in—outer space.

Recently, however, the offered parts had changed.  He was now playing statesmen, scientists, senior military types and, most recently, a father.  Of course, his on-screen son was a next-generation action star and, if truth be told, Gerard could kick the young man’s ass around the set if he had a mind.

Still, it was a bit disappointing, watching the roles he always had so much fun doing going to younger, more vital actors.

But I have something those young actors don’t.  He glanced toward the bed that dominated the room he had just re-entered.  I have her!

The girl in the bed was herself quite young; she was no more than twenty-three or twenty-four years old.  Her skin had the tawny suppleness that only the young could manage.  Her hair was long and silky-smooth, or at least it would be if it weren’t matted with sweat.

She very nearly fucked me out of my mind this last time.  Brown stepped closer, regarding the naked young body spread out before him.  I’ve never known a girl who could go that long!  He smiled.  I should have suggested trying a little bondage sooner…

Gerard Brown had always gotten a real boost out of tying girls up.  It wasn’t that he liked to really hurt them.  The ability to keep them helpless while he caressed their breasts and cunts, though, that was the real turn on for him.  If he could use his hands or some light discipline to make them go half-mad with sexual need—well, he loved the reactions he got when he fulfilled those needs.

But this girl is different.  Brown stared at the body spread-eagled on his bed, wrists and ankles held outstretched by velvet ropes and Velcro cuffs.  The bondage seemed to drive her into some sort of sexual overdrive.  And when I got on top…

He had been never been happier that his architect had insisted on the soundproofing when they remodelled the house.  This place would be crawling with cops by now if any of the neighbors had heard.  But they hadn’t and Gerard had kept the girl on edge and screaming in ecstasy until he had achieved his own orgasm.

That was fun, he told himself, sitting on the edge of the bed.  I wonder if I can do it again.  He reached for the feather that he had placed on the bedside table.  More to the point, I wonder if I can get her to go like that one more time!  He smiled and started to run the feather across that velvety flesh.  Only one way to find out...




Her name was Samantha Adams.  She was an overnight sensation—a label that it had taken her more than six years to earn.  Sam had moved to Los Angeles the day she turned eighteen.  There was nothing at all to stop her; her father had abandoned her mother within days of Sam’s birth.  That fact was something her mother, working two jobs to keep a roof over their heads, never let her forget.  Sam’s mother had complained, cried and drank hard until she was killed in a car accident the day Samantha’s high school class graduated.

Sam knew she couldn’t stay in the little house her mother had worked so hard to keep, so she sold it for pennies on the dollar and purchased a one-way bus ticket to Hollywood, hoping to make it in the world that had kept her sane for all those years—the world of entertainment.

Fortunately for Sam, she had been blessed with a face that turned men’s heads and a body most would die to possess.  Those looks got her modeling work within days of her arrival in L.A., first shooting bikini and lingerie photos for department store ads, then moving up to work for a major catalogue retailer.  Finally, with her face and form on many desks (and in many bathrooms), she got work as a TV weathergirl.  Her first week on television landed her an agent, who quickly got her a small part in a horror film.

With that exposure, the rest was surprisingly easy, especially for a girl who had no ego and no dependence on drugs or alcohol.  She quickly moved on to bigger and better parts in other films and the occasional guest-star role on television shows.  Now, with five years of experience behind her, Sam was slated to star in a pilot for a network TV series.

She had well and truly made it and in doing so, had discovered that the work had become just that.  It was work, not the romantic everything she had imagined when she was back home.

She had money, of course, along with a nice house and a fast car, but she had little else.  Most men her age were too overwhelmed by her looks and fame to ask her to go out on a date.  Often that meant she was forced to have the studio provide suitable companions to squire her to openings and parties, as there was no one who fulfilled her on a personal level.

Until she met Gerard.

As a teenager, she’d had his poster on her bedroom wall and, while she was far too embarrassed to reveal it to him, had often masturbated herself to sleep in front of it.  When they met on the set of a film she was to appear in, they quickly became friends.  Famous himself, he was not put off by her fame.  Quiet talks over coffee on the set quickly evolved into nights on the town and, finally, quiet assignations in his or her house.

Sex with him was exciting for her and satisfying for him.  She had been surprised to discover that his stamina was enough to match her more youthful needs, which was something she had seldom encountered in her few past encounters.  It was enough to keep the relationship going and the two settled into a ‘friends with privileges’ routine although for Samantha, it was always something more.

It might have stayed that way had Gerard not, finally, let her in on his own fantasies and asked if she would allow him to tie her up.

 “You’ll like it,” he assured her.  “You don’t have to do anything.  I do all the work, and you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.”

“And if something hurts?”

“Tell me.”  He ran a hand down her arm, felt the fine hairs there stir at his touch.  “I’ll stop and let you go.”  He looked into her eyes.  “You can trust me.”

She did, indeed, trust him.  And so, that night, when they went to his big house on the hill she found herself naked and bound, arms and legs pulled outward, a pillow under the small of her back to make her—and him—more comfortable.

At first, Samantha was frightened at being helpless before a man as big and muscular as Gerard.  But as he caressed and teased her, she felt the heat rise within her, far more rapidly and to a greater height than she had ever experienced before.  By the time he mounted her, she was soaking wet inside and more than ready for his penis.  He entered her slowly, tantalizingly…and pleasure poured over her, in wave after wave of sensation.  She screamed in passion and need, and came—once—twice--three times in an amazingly short time.

She was soaked with sweat and utterly sated when he finally rolled off her, leaving her to fall into a deep, dreamless sleep before she could tell him how much she had enjoyed herself.

She was still asleep, hours later, when something touched the sole of her foot.  The sensation continued, slowly bringing her back to awareness.  It touched her again.  She tried to jerk her foot away, and found that she couldn’t.

I’m still tied down, she thought as she opened her eyes, looking widely around.  But why...?

Then she saw Gerard and his feather, and smiled.  The feather touched her again, higher on her leg.  The sensation was pleasant enough, but her renewed feeling of helplessness multiplied it infinitely.  She moaned, pushed her hips forward, again offering herself to the naked man leaning over her.

He smiled, touched her with the feather again, then stroked her now-shivering body with his hand, touching her neck, her breasts, her belly…

Her moans grew louder as he leaned over her, touching here and there.  She was helpless to move either away or toward his caresses.  She begged him to stop, to continue, to fuck her!

But he took his time before doing what they both wanted.

The pleasure lasted a very long time for both of them.




Samantha left Gerard’s home late the next afternoon.  She had to fly to location for her pilot’s filming first thing in the morning, but she promised to call as soon as she got home.

The drive, even in LA’s usual heavy traffic, was a pleasant one.  Sam still had a warm glow from her overnight visit that was taking a very long time to fade.  I never knew being helpless could be so much fun!  She told herself as she crossed the Pass, heading back to Burbank and her home.  I wonder what it would be like if things were a little more intense...

That experiment, she thought, would have to wait until she got back.  But I can start preparing now, she realized.  Soon as I get home.

That night, once she’d packed for her flight, she spent a few hours shopping on some very special Internet sites.  Then, still excited from what she had seen and ordered, she climbed into her own bed and swiftly fell asleep, dreaming dreams that both shocked and titillated her.

The shooting of her pilot was routine for the first day or two.  Then something she hadn’t expected happened.  The show was to be an action-fantasy/mystery thing and, in the very first episode, her character was to be captured and interrogated by the bad guys.

Samantha had never been tied up on screen before, which both excited and concerned her.  She told herself that it was not going to be a big deal; this was a TV show, after all, she would be fully clothed and surrounded by the entire crew.  Still, the thought of being handcuffed to a chair, her arms locked helplessly behind her, was causing her a great deal of excitement.

She hoped it didn’t show.

When the moment came, she was able to walk calmly to the indicated chair where a solicitous older man from the props department squatted down alongside her with a set of handcuffs.

“Don’t worry about these, Ms. Adams,” he said, holding them in front of her so she could see the polished metal.  “They’re a brand-new set of real police handcuffs.  I’ll make sure they’re not too tight, okay?”

Samantha nodded, her eyes locked onto the shiny metal of the things.

“Now, you tell me if these pinch.”  The prop man moved behind her and pushed the first cuff against her right wrist.

Samantha felt a little shiver run through her as the first cuff clicked into place around her wrist.

“Is that okay?”  The man leaned over to look at Samantha’s face.  “Not too tight, right?”

“It’s fine.  Really.”  Samantha noted a slight tremble in her voice, and quickly suppressed it.  “Go ahead, put the other one on.  We don’t want to keep everyone waiting.”

The prop man nodded; he pulled her wrists together and locked the second cuff.


A quick warmth spread through Samantha’s loins, a warmth that seemed to grow as the prop man moved away and the camera came closer.

“Everything okay, Sam?”  The director had seen the little shiver that the locked cuffs produced in his star and hoped that she wasn’t going to have a fit of hysterics about them.

“Fine, Sid.”  She smiled at the man.  “Just fine.”  She looked up at him brightly.  “Can we start the scene?”

“Sure.”  Sid stepped back to his camera, motioning the heavies that had just ‘captured’ Sam into place.  “You know how this works.  They’re going to threaten to do terrible things to you unless you talk—and you, of course, heroically refuse to do so.”  He nodded to the clapper boy, who snapped his marker in front of the camera.  “Ready…Action!”

The scene played out routinely.  Samantha was able to control herself well enough to do her lines and react as the script indicated.  When the director finally called “Cut and print”, she all but ran to her trailer to change out of her soaked panties before anyone noticed them.

By comparison, the remainder of the show, full of stunts and a long love scene, was both banal and routine.  By the time she was finally finished, Sam couldn’t wait to get home and try something far more intense with Gerard, assuming, of course, that her new purchases had been delivered in the interim.

They had, as Samantha discovered when the studio limo dropped her at her home.  She left her suitcase and garment bag on the floor of the entrance hall and brought the small pile of boxes into the living room.  She raced to the kitchen to get a box cutter.  With the blade in hand, she picked the smallest box first; it should contain some very special DVDs.

It did, and Samantha spent much of the afternoon entranced by the images on her flat screen TV.  When she finally stopped, she had a lot of ideas and was hot enough inside to try them out.  The other boxes should contain the items she needed to make those ideas reality.  Out came the box cutter again as Sam quickly opened each box, checking the contents to make sure she had everything she needed.

She did.  After a moment of thought, she called Gerard’s cell phone and invited him over.  His acceptance ringing in her ears, she quickly went to work, laying out what she needed for her plan...