The Slaves of Dearborn Manor 2
 by Peter King

The Slaves of Dearborn Manor 2

(Peter King)

Dearborn Manor Part 2



Miles Dearborn was sitting behind the desk in his study with his wife Cecily sitting on the opposite side of it. They were discussing their plans now that Jessica had been officially convicted and sentenced to serving her decade long term under their purview. The last few weeks presented a new opportunity for this powerful couple, as they experimented with an innovative process that was not only exciting, but potentially lucrative. They had just finished talking to Miles’ son Rodney, who was due back from his honeymoon in a week, when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in!” Miles said loudly.

The door opened and a young man entered the room. He was tall and thin, bare chested and wearing only a pair of leather pants that sported a larger than normal bulge in the crotch. He was very well endowed, but what was underneath the unusual protuberance remained concealed. It was keeping his enhanced cock from getting excited, as it always was these days. He walked over to stand beside Cecily, across the desk from Miles.

“Have you completed your tasks Dick?” Cecily asked.

“Yes Mistress, Irina, Sasha, and Jess are all treated, but Nina, Jo, and Vixen are not yet ready for another course. Maybe tomorrow, but they should only need one or two more at most,” Dick answered.

“Very good. How is Jess responding to your domination of her?” Miles asked, curious as to how a key player in their plans was adjusting to her new role in them.

“She is…adapting to it. I do believe she truly regrets how she used to treat me Master,” he replied conclusively. 

“That is what we intend. Convincing Jess to feel guilty about how she treated you will help her accept that her new role is not just inevitable, but also justified,” Cecily said.

“You have spent a lot of time with her this week, so, we will spend today with her. You will take Jo and Nina and have them help you remove the other two subjects from their training cells,” Miles said, as he handed Dick a piece of paper. “These are directions for moving them into the playroom and getting them better acquainted with the three of you. You may go now.”

“Yes Master,” Dick said, just before leaving the room.

“Jessica really underestimated him; we should make sure she fully regrets the foolish way she handled her old life. Spending most of the last week under his thumb should have humbled her, I do hope she got the message,” Miles said.

“I am sure she has; I have watched Dick interacting with her all week. She is showing signs that she is, as Dick said, adjusting to her new place in our grand scheme. Today, when we show her the documentation that confirms her legal status, I expect she will take it as another sign that she is getting what she deserves,” Cecily replied.

“I agree, shall we begin?” Miles asked.

“Absolutely my love!”




Chapter 1: Jessica


Jessica was perspiring profusely, just like she had after her first two treatments. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed to the corners of the single bed that she was lying upon. She was on her back with a wedge under her rump, which arched her body upward, something she appreciated. Now that her sex and her nipples were so erotically charged, this position made it impossible to stimulate them. She wanted to, but was more afraid of what would happen if she could.

Jessica had developed a treatment that enhanced the sensitivity of any flesh it was applied to. Using it on human genitalia was her intention, since she created it to be an aphrodisiac. Now that she had become a subject in her own experiment, she was still trying to come to terms with it. Something Cecily said to her, about how her new role was better suited for her kept ringing in her ears. Even as she tried to suppress the sexual arousal that got more intense every day. Though she wanted to deny the truth, her supposed reversal of fortune was starting to look like the kind of adventure she had secretly desired.

Jessica had buried those feelings and tried to mimic her friend Cecily’s dominant persona. She even had her own indentured servants, but now she was realizing that it had all been a sham. If she was as dominant as she had imagined herself, Jessica knew she would have accepted the generous offer they made for her to partner with them. Instead, she wavered and could not commit, but she soon found that her hesitancy had consequences. Cecily and Miles decided to convince her that she made the wrong choice, or maybe the right one, now that she was dealing with the massive changes permeating her body and mind.

She knew she was rapidly becoming an insatiable sex fiend; she had never been so aroused in all her life. And, more disturbingly, she found it was something she truly craved, a feeling absent in Jessica’s old life. Even while sleeping she could not escape her mounting desires, as her dreams were always focused on sex and she often awoke from the arousal kindled by her dreams. It took some time to calm down before she could sleep again, but being awake was much harder to deal with, especially in this moment.

It had been just fifteen minutes since her trainer, whom Jessica now called Sir Dick, had applied her third treatment. He left her alone for the initial painful reaction it triggered, an unusual occurrence since he had watched her intently the first couple of times. She sensed that he enjoyed watching her suffer, and given she used to make him writhe in pain, Jessica had accepted that this turn around was poetic justice. When Jessica legally became the Dearborn’s indentured servant, all her property became theirs, including her human possessions.

Perhaps the hardest lesson Jessica learned when Miles and Cecily gave her ‘boy toy’ the name Dick, and then handed him the task of training her for her new role, was that what goes around comes around. She had treated him far too cruelly, and now she was learning what that felt like. The combined effect was intense feelings of regret and remorse, and the budding realization that she deserved to atone for how she abused her responsibility. Even in this world, where the law now allowed one person to basically own another, she had no idea how to do it the way Cecily did.

Miles and Cecily had seen her failings, and they decided Jessica had to face her true nature. When she got a little too drunk, as they celebrated the excellent results from the first few subjects, they ‘surprised’ her with a taste of her own medicine. When they added to it by giving her a deep dive into the fantasy she kept hidden, her attraction to both of them, the means quickly justified the end. After her first treatment, they showed Jessica that her fantasies were far better than she ever imagined. They gave her a sexual romp of epic proportions, and it firmly bonded her to them, as she experienced the kind of sexual ecstasy that had eluded her in the role of a dominant.

Even though the days that followed were trying, relegated to answering to Sir Dick, Jessica was becoming convinced this was where she belonged. Though she had a good life as a boutique physician for the wealthy chattel owning class until a week ago, she now realized she was living a lie. Her abrupt descent from the dominant to the passive role, and the way it made her feel alive in ways that were missing, had altered all her perceptions. Having to learn humility and deference for Sir Dick just amplified those feelings, thanks to the guilt she felt for being too harsh on him.

Her first encounter with him was, at first, devastating. But then he gave her a shagging that left her deliriously drunk on erotic pleasure. It instilled enough of a bond between them that the subsequent days of being strictly disciplined by him was a price Jessica found helped to purge her guilt and remorse. Even though she was denied the wild sex that initiated their new relationship, she eagerly sucked his cock whenever he demanded it. She guessed that she drank a gallon of his spunk the last few days, while she had only been allowed a single orgasm since their first tryst.

After her second treatment, shortly after the painful aspect faded, Sir Dick had Jessica suck his cock. His enhanced male organ climaxed as easily as her sex could. Once she was swallowing that first load, he gave her a kind of reward. He began slapping her sex with the palm of his hand, and with her heightened sensitivity, she climaxed throughout the mild pussy spanking. She also squirted like a fountain, another physical side effect of her treatment. Now that she had her third application, she was desperate for sexual relief, as her libido was launched into overdrive again.

When Dick left her alone, after applying the ointment to her enhanced bits, Jessica hoped he would return before too long. As the pain dissipated and her arousal spiked, Jessica writhed on the bed, unable to resist the urge to stimulate her sex and nipples. But the way she was bound made that impossible, leaving her moaning and weeping in desperation. This morning she could tell that her second treatment was waning, as the incessant throbbing was starting to ebb. But then came the next treatment and the intensity of her sexual hunger returned with a vengeance. She could feel her pussy twitching and leaking, as it dribbled onto the wedge pressed into her buttocks.

Jessica never felt so desperate for sexual relief, after her first two applications they gave her an immediate stimulus, but this time they were making her wait. As harshly as Sir Dick treated her the last week, being left alone with her escalating arousal felt like the cruelest trial yet. She would have done anything to get another pussy slapping orgasm, whatever she had to do to relieve the pressure building up inside her. She could tell that each treatment had built upon the others, and after this one, Jessica knew she had crossed a threshold. There was no turning back now, she was sure that her insatiable sex drive would constantly dominate her thoughts and actions.

Jessica was alone for barely half an hour before the door to her cell opened, but to her, it felt like many hours had passed. Then, when she saw Cecily and Miles, her desire escalated even more. She remembered their threesome after her first treatment, and hoped they were about to use her the same way again. She dared not speak, but she gave them the sexiest moan she could muster, knowing her sex was twitching madly, as it beckoned to them to use it.

Once Miles closed the door, he walked over and stood at the head of the bed looking down at her pleading eyes. Cecily moved to the side of the bed, peering down at her animated sex hole, visibly pulsing and leaking her abundant juices. She also noted how dark and erect her nipples were, and they too looked like they were quivering atop her generous bosom. After reviewing the records of their first few subjects, now further along in the process, they had determined that the third treatment was the one that cemented the transformation in the subjects’ minds. Now that Jess had received it, her whole demeanor would be dictated by an unquenchable thirst for sexual relief.

“How are you feeling Jess?” Cecily asked, using a nickname she knew Jessica detested.

“Incredibly aroused Mistress,” Jessica answered huskily.

“Excellent. Now tell me dear, do you have any doubts that I was right about you?” Cecily asked her, reminding her that she told her she was better suited as a submissive than a dominant.

“No Mistress, I am exactly where I belong,” Jessica answered, her voice conveying her sincerity, despite the fact that she was actually dying to beg for relief.

“And where is that Jess?” Miles asked, enjoying the way she was responding.

“Here Master, ready to serve both you and Mistress Cecily,” Jessica answered, feeling a renewed sense of purpose now that she admitted that this was what she wanted, and needed.

“How will you serve us Jess?” Cecily asked wryly.

“Any way you desire Mistress,” Jessica answered meekly.

“Tell us what you think we want from you,” Miles asked.

“Yes Master, I long to serve you in any way you want, as a sex slave, or as a doctor who will help transform others into sexually addicted nymphomaniacs.”

“Are you a nympho now Jess?” Cecily asked, as she raked her nails over Jessica’s quivering breasts, making her moan sexily.

“Yes Mistress, I am so horny I feel like I might explode when I climax,” Jessica replied.

“Then beg for one girl, and be as explicit as you can be,” Miles demanded.

“Yes Master!” Jessica shouted, just before she said, “Please let this horny slut climax, she does not deserve it, but she is eternally beholden to both of you for showing her that she was never a real dominant. I want to atone for my mistakes and embrace my new role as your slave! Please use or abuse me as you see fit, and if you grant me permission to climax, I will be eternally grateful and devoted to both my Master and my Mistress!”

“Oh my! You just conditioned your appreciation and dedication on getting a climax, that is not acceptable Jess,” Cecily sternly said.

“That is not what I meant!” Jess exclaimed, realizing, as she said it, that she just made another critical error.

“Silence slave!” Miles snapped, and then he said, “You just earned a strong punishment!”

Jessica bit her tongue, dreading what she just instigated. But, as they released her wrist and ankle cuffs from the chains holding them to the corners of the bed, she found that her arousal was intensifying even more. The fear was making her even hotter! She had seen that reaction in the other subjects of the experiment before she joined it, but now she was learning what it really felt like. They grabbed her arms and lifted her up onto her feet before leading her out of the cell.

Just outside the barren room was what they called the playroom, but most would consider what was in it had nothing to do with play. Using the cuffs, which they had left on her wrists and ankles, she was mounted to an X-shaped wooden cross. Jessica was left facing her owners, her naked body on full display and completely vulnerable to whatever they planned to do to it. Rather than being consumed by fear, the way her nipples and pussy were throbbing madly, she was more aroused than she ever remembered. It did not lessen her fear, but the fact she had no idea what to expect was fueling her blossoming libido. She used to think that power aroused her, but now she knew that being helpless and clueless was even more exciting. Part of her hated that Cecily was right about her, while another part was grateful that she had exposed her true self.

Jessica wanted to apologize for her verbal mistakes, but she also knew that under the Dearborn’s rules, receiving a punishment was the only way to atone for her errors. Over the last week with Sir Dick, painful discipline was the driving force. Considering how she was feeling in this moment, she was reminded that even then, her arousal kept growing. But now, after the third application, it became far more conspicuous and insistent. The way her thighs were drenched with her vaginal secretions by the time they finished locking her wrists and ankles to the cross was an obvious sign that she was aroused by her fear too.

“Look at that Cecily!” Miles said, pointing at Jessica’s soaked thighs. Then he asked her, “Are you scared Jess?”

“Yes Master,” she humbly replied.

“Is it also fueling your arousal?” Cecily asked.

“Yes Mistress,” Jessica admitted.

“Another interesting side effect, one that will be valued by potential customers I do believe. Imagine having a sex toy that gets all hot and bothered when you scare it,” Miles said, making sure that Jessica heard how she was now an object, rather than a person.

“Let’s blindfold it before we start, that should escalate it’s anxiety even more,” Miles said, as he collected a blindfold and covered Jessica’s eyes with it.

As she was deprived of her vision, Jessica could feel her body quiver with desire, even as she dreaded what they were going to do to her. There were so many aspects to her physical and mental evolution that it staggered her rational mind. In her current situation, logic was losing its grip and her erotic desires dominated her thoughts. Jessica actually wanted the punishment to start, just so they could finish it and allow her to quench her voracious lust.

With her eyes covered, she shuddered when she felt four hands start mauling her tits, avoiding her engorged nipples, but stoking her arousal like they were throwing gasoline on a fire. She thanked them lustily, as her body tensed up from the stimulation to her malleable mounds. Then she felt the nooses wrapped around them, and she gasped when they were cinched tightly, making her breasts bloat into balls of extremely firm flesh. It felt like her nipples were going to burst from the pressure building inside her melons, and she could feel her pussy juices  pouring down her parted thighs.

“Look at that Miles, our new cunt is dribbling like a leaking pipe! I wonder how it will react when we cane those big tits?” Cecily said, knowing she was increasing Jessica’s fear.

“Let me gag her first, no need to take the chance that she says foolish things that would compel us to increase the punishment,” Miles said, before grabbing a gag and sealing her mouth shut with it.

Jessica was almost happy to be silenced, but knowing they were about to cane her breasts terrified her. They had caned her a few times already, and she knew how bad it felt. But that was on her buttocks and thighs, not her breasts, and she could hardly imagine how awful this would feel. But to make her even more apprehensive, her damn sex was now throbbing so hard that she felt like she was right on the brink of a massive climax.

Then Jessica felt the cane being rubbed against the upper slopes of her bound tits, avoiding her bloated nipples, but nonetheless frightening and exciting her even more. She tried to brace herself for the first strike, but when it happened, she was shocked by what it caused. First there was the loud thwack from the impact, then came the sharp pain, but something else surprisingly occurred. Her pussy exploded in a massive orgasm, sending a potent stream of girl cum out of her sex hole, This shocked her, even as she howled in a strange mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Oh my!” Cecily exclaimed when she saw how Jessica climaxed. “It looks like we may have a masochist on our hands Miles, the bitch just came from pure pain!”

“Let’s see how many more times she will,” Miles said.

Since he was the one wielding the cane, he quickly delivered another blow, this time just below her nipples. It had the same effect, a muffled scream into her gag before her pussy began spewing the evidence that she came again. He gave her ten strokes, and she literally climaxed the whole time. But when the last strike hit her right on her engorged nubbins, the results were beyond spectacular. Jessica shuddered violently, as her sex prolapsed, literally pulsing so much that her inner flesh emerged from her sex hole, like it was trying to escape her body.

Miles tossed the cane aside, dropped his pants, and rammed his shaft deep into her gaping sex. The groan of satisfaction that emerged from behind Jessica’s gag was short lived. Once he had fully impaled her sex, Cecily was ready for the next thing she had planned for Jessica. With Miles pinning her body to the cross, not bothering to shag her yet, his wife installed a pair of golden rings in her nipples. Each piercing was delightful for Miles, as her cunt went nuts and gnawed at his cock like a ravenous beast, even while it was dousing both of them.