The Loan Repayment Program by Chloe Cummings

The Loan Repayment Program

(Chloe Cummings)

The Loan Repayment Plan - Part 1

Chapter 1


My partner, Richard, and I were lying in bed. It was a Saturday morning and wed been cuddling for a while. I say cuddling but as often happened on Saturdays, Richard would start by massaging my back until I woke up. Then hed move to my front and start playing with my breasts through my nightdress. It had been a couple of weeks since hed done that and he had me aroused in no time at all. I could feel my rosebud nipples stiffening as he rubbed the palm of his hand over them. I was lying on my side with my back to him, so my breasts were somewhat squashed together. As my nipples stiffened I started to moan a little, feeling heat rise between my legs.

From my nipples, Richard rolled me onto my back, sliding one arm under my back, so that his hand could reach one of my breasts. In moments my nightdress was undone, exposing my breasts fully in the early morning light as he peeled the flimsy garment away from them. In moments his mouth was on my breast that was nearest to him. I felt the warm breath blow tantalisingly over my erect nipple a moment before he placed his lips over it and sucked, making the rosebud stiffen even more. I gasped again as he ran his tongue lightly over the engorged flesh, while all the time his hand that had gone under my back, teased my other nipple as he tweaked and gently pinched it. I could feel my arousal building steadily and wanted to reach out to grab his nine inch cock, but I knew he would not approve of that yet. Only when I was fully aroused was I allowed to pay homage to his manhood, and right now I wanted to do that.

Suddenly his free hand was on my panties, rubbing that most tender spot between my legs through the wispy garment. The pleasure inside me continued to build and I knew I was wet with lust. I felt a finger ease inside the leg of the panties, pushing the garment to the side, freeing my engorged clitoris bud for him to rub. And he did, one finger gently stroking it, taking his time until I was going wild with desire. Then, first one and then a second finger parted my sex lips and slid inside me. I have a fairly thick thatch of blonde public hair to match my natural blonde hair on my head but he navigated it easily and soon his fingers were inserted deep inside me. He stroked me for a few moments, finding that very sensitive pad of tissue inside me that is my G-Spot. I could feel it swelling as an orgasm approached and then my whole body shuddered as I climaxed. His ministrations to my clitoris and G-Spot continued. I started to come down from the climax, only to find my body continued to respond to his touch. I sensed him move on the bed, pulling his arm out from under my back as he continued to tease the nipple that was in his mouth. I felt him move between my legs and felt his cock right between my legs where his fingers continued to stroke in and out of my sopping wet cunt. Then, just as I arched my back again and groaned in orgasm as the pleasure waves coursed through me, his fingers were withdrawn.