The Checkpoint: Book Four by Simon Grail

The Checkpoint: Book Four

(Simon Grail)

The Checkpoint Book 4 - extract

Excerpt from “The Checkpoint: Book Four”


The black jeep turned through the gates of Strakensburg’s imposing central court building.  It passed the main entrance with its broad flight of steps and classical portico, turned down a side way to the back of the building, went through a second security gate, and parked in a sheltered bay reserved for official vehicles.

Kubeck got out and opened the back, and then freed Amanda from her travel box.

Awkwardly she shuffled backwards out onto the tailboard, where she paused so that Kubeck could pass the leash chain back through her legs.  Then she stepped down onto the ground and stood upright, blinking and shivering in the light.  More windows looking out at her through which people could see her naked and bound body.  More shameful public exposure!

Except that in this perverse place, nobody seemed to care.

Kubeck tugged on the leash, tightening the nipple chain, and giving Amanda’s nipples a warning tweak.  With a muffled whimper, she trailed after him, tottering slightly on her heels and compelled by her hobble chain to make small quick steps that set the fleshy under-curves of her buttocks trembling and her breasts jiggling.

They passed through a side door into a narrow corridor.  At its far end was a heavy dark oak door guarded by an usher and clerk sitting at a small desk.  Both men glanced up at Amanda with mild interest but no surprise, as though such sights were familiar to them.  Amanda cringed and stared down at the floor.

‘Kapitan Kubeck kun malliberulo Amanda Foster,’ Kubeck said in his native language, announcing himself and his prisoner.

He handed over some official form and exchanged a few more words in Barovian.  The clerk made a note on a list and the usher showed them inside.

Within was a small, wood-panelled courtroom with a raised judges’ bench, tiered seats for a jury, a witness stand and tables for the lawyers.  To one side, in view of the bench and floor of the court, was a large modern flatscreen TV on a wheeled stand.  Beside it and facing the judge’s bench stood a man in a dark suit, black tie, and gloves with an executioner’s hood over his head that left only his eyes exposed.   Next to him was a strange chair.

Its arms were splayed wide as was its seat and front legs.  The seat had a “V” cut out of the front, leaving little but narrow ledges on either side.  Protruding up into this gap was the heads of a pair of dildos, one larger than the other and both banded in metal strips.  They were mounted on rods connected by angled pivot joints to a flywheel driven by an electric motor that sat on a rubber mat under the back of the chair.  Directly underneath her groin was a plastic bucket.

Heavy straps were bolted to the frame of the chair from its feet to its high back.  Electric cables terminating in sinister crocodile clips, gleaming clamps and metal studded hoops hung from its sides.  A pair of video cameras was mounted in front and to each side of the chair facing it. 

As Amanda gaped at the device in growing horror, Captain Kubeck said.  ‘You want the truth to be revealed, Miss Foster, well here is a device for extracting it. We call it the Chair of Truth.  Variants have been used here for hundreds of years.  The electrical attachments are a modern addition.   And this is Vesic, the court Majstrovero – as you would say, Truthmaster.  The hood is traditional…’

Amanda felt faint with fear and anticipation.   She could not quite believe it was happening to her. Once again, her natural instincts overwhelmed her.  She could not breathe.  She had to get out of here! 

Snivelling in horror she tried to run for the doors but of course it was quite futile.  Kubeck jerked on her leash to pull her up short like a misbehaving pet, tugging her breast tips out into pink cones.  A crackling, flashing jab from his baton then brought her to her knees.  While she was trembling feebly, he and Vesic dragged her back to the chair and pushed her down into it. 

Her wrists were uncuffed and clamped to the arms of the chair.  Her ankles were freed from the hobble only to be pulled wide and strapped to its front legs.  Broad straps went across her middle and also held her thighs spread wide.  A strap went across her forehead and the padded plates of screw clamps were wound up against her temples.  Her plug gag was pulled out and left to dangle over her collar, while a heavy black rubber bit secured by rubber cords to the head of the chair was pushed between her teeth, stifling her burbling moans of fear.

‘Don’t fight it,’ Kubeck advised.  ‘You’ll soon be grateful for something to bite on…’

With her head clamped, Amanda was compelled to look straight ahead while her wide-splayed thighs exposed the pouting slot of her sex and buttock cleft which hung over the empty middle of the seat.  She could roll her eyes and wiggle her fingers and toes but that was about all.  Vesic unclipped her leash and nipple clips and then slipped studded hoops over her breasts.

The bands of the hoops were of black plastic while the studs were adjustable screws terminals pointing inwards.  He tightened the screws until the tips dug into the sides of her breasts, making them bulge outward like fleshy balloons.  He then pinched and stretched her nipples and clamped them to large crocodile clips trailing red electric wires about them.  Amanda gurgled in pain as the new set of metal teeth bit into her flesh.

Vesic said something in Barovian that Kubeck translated for Amanda. ‘The Truthmaster says that you have fine full nipples with plenty of meat in them for clamping.  They make perfect natural electrical terminals.  He also asks if you are a virgin?’

Amanda’s eyes rolled wildly as her stomach twisted itself into sick knots of fear.  She was not a virgin as Kubeck well knew from his earlier examination.

Kubeck unclipped his baton again and pressed it to the taut bulge of her left breast.  There was a white flash and the crack of an electric spark.  Amanda yelped in pain about her bit gag.

‘Answer me,’ Kubeck commanded.

Snivelling, Amanda shook her head as far as the clamps allowed.  This must be part of the ritual.  

Vesic bent between Amanda’s legs.  She felt the heads of the dildos being slid up into her groin.  A large, greased plug of metal and rubber pressed against the tight wellhead of her anus.   Bile burned her throat, and she fought back the urge to be sick.  Oh, please God no!  She could not take anything that big up her bottom.  She clenched her buttocks tight in fear, but she could not resist the upward thrust of the thing as Vesic drove it up into her.  With a pop her sphincter was breached, and then the phallic head slid seemingly endlessly into the depths of her rectum.  She groaned miserably. 

Next, she felt Vesic’s gloved fingers spread her labia and guide the larger dildo into the mouth of her vagina.  To her horror she realized her sheath was already wet and hungrily open.  The dildo slid up into her with shameful ease.   Now she was doubly unnaturally impaled and tightly plugged as the two shafts pressed together inside her through the thin membranes that separated them.

Vesic stepped to one side.  He was now holding a box connected to the back of the chair by a thick cable.

Kubeck bent over Amanda and said earnestly, ‘Remember, Judge Fibanich is an important man.  Answer all his questions fully and honestly.  Any hesitation or reluctance will be punished.  The truth is all that matters.’

Yes, Amanda thought dizzily, the truth mattered. That was why she was here. To expose the truth…

A door at the back of the court opened and a judge in full robes entered, followed by his clerk.  He nodded to Kubeck and Vesic and they bowed back.  The judge took his seat. He was grey-haired and dignified and his expression was searching but he showed no trace of surprise at seeing Amanda as she was.  Evidently it was quite normal to have naked women strapped to a chair of torment in his courtroom!  What else did she expect? This was Barovia, after all! 

Amanda squirmed shamefully under his gaze, blushing afresh, and trying to pull her legs together.

Fibanich said a few words to Kubeck who pulled the gag from Amanda’s mouth.  ‘Do you confirm you are Amanda Foster, aged thirty-four, of Hangleton, Hampshire, England?’ he translated.

‘Y… yes,’ Amanda stammered, ‘and I’m here to protest about… eeeeek!’

Fibanich had nodded to Vesic who twisted a dial on the box.  Electric fire burned through Amanda’s clamped nipples and the contact rings about the sides of her breasts.  As she began her shriek of pain, Kubeck rammed the bit back in her mouth.  Her teeth clamped about it, and she nearly bit it in two.

Then the terrible pain was gone leaving only a throbbing memory and simmering tingles radiating out from her nipples. 

Kubeck waited patiently until Amanda had stopped sobbing, wiped her eyes and nose with a paper tissue and then said, ‘You will answer the Judge’s questions fully.  Nothing more and nothing less.  You will have an opportunity to speak for yourself later, do you understand?’  He pulled out the gag.    

‘Y… yes, Sir.’ Amanda gasped.

‘Now we’re going to review the evidence against you…’

The TV came to life.  It played back a video recording of what she had said in Checkpoint One.  Not her revelation about the permezatenci deception, just her threats to bring the country down.  She realized how angry and menacing she seemed. Of course, she had a good reason to be, but seen by itself it did sound almost like the rantings of a terrorist.  

The judge spoke again and Kubeck translated.  ‘Do you admit threatening the security and prosperity of Barovia?’

Before Amanda could reply Vesic, turned another dial on the box.   Amanda tensed in fear of another shock, but instead the motor under the chair came to life and the dildos began to pump slowly away inside her in an alternating rhythm, first the vaginal shaft and then the anal.  The impact of the thrusts, gentle as it was, set her collared, ballooning breasts jiggling delicately in time.  Amanda groaned and rolled up her eyes.   How could they pile more humiliation onto her?  Had they no mercy? 

Brief warning stabs of pain lanced through her nipples.  ‘Keep looking at the judge and answer his question!’ Kubeck warned her.

She discovered how hard it was to be evasive with twin dildos pumping away inside her.  She could not concentrate.  All that was left was the simple truth. 

The plunging dildos suddenly pulsed with electric fire, stabbing into her soft entrails. Amanda gave a sobbing yelp of pain.

‘Is that the truth?’

She was slow to answer and received another jolt of pain.  Eeek… yes, yes, I threatened Barovia!’

Though the room was cool, sweat was gathering on her brow and dripping between her trembling breasts.  Her clamped nipples were hard and pulsing.  They normally felt that way only when she was sexually aroused.  But how could any of this be arousing?

‘Do you still threaten Barovia?’

‘I only did it so I could face you and… umphhh!’

Kubeck had pushed the bit back into her mouth and she wailed and chewed at it while the dildos seemed to set her pussy and bottom on fire.  The breast terminals cut in again to add to her torment.  Within her straps and clamps she was vibrating with pain.  A shameful spurt of urine sprayed over the plunging front dildo and dribbled into the bucket under her.

When the flow of power ceased Kubeck pulled the gag out again.  ‘Answer the question!’

Drool dribbled off Amanda’s chin onto her simmering breasts.  Uhhh… yes, Sir.  I still threaten Barovia.’

She realized the phalluses were speeding up, slurping and sucking as they reamed her out.  How could inert things have such power over her?  She wanted to love them so they would never hurt her again.

‘Do you admit that by threatening our country, you have broken the law?’

They were turning twisting everything she had said. They were the guilty ones. But under their law… ‘Uhh… yes, Sir.’

‘Are you sorry?’

She certainly felt very sorry for herself at that moment. ‘Yes, Sir.’

‘Are you guilty?’

‘Yes, Sir!’

What had she just said?  She could no longer think coherently.  The waves of pain and pleasure made it hard to focus.   Everything had been turned upside-down.  Her vagina was clamping about the shaft pumping inside her.  Even her anal ring was clinging to the dildo that was so obscenely ravaging it.  She was dripping juices into the bucket.  How could something so terrible be so good at the same time?  She was being compelled to endure sensations she had never felt before.  She could not help responding.  Was this normal?  The phalluses were now vibrating inside her were delivering tiny jolts of current with each thrust that hurt but did not hurt and she was squeezing them harder and harder...

‘Have you been stupid and careless?’

She had put herself in their power. ‘Yes, yes!’

The contracts clamped about her breasts cut in again delivering short pinpricks of fire that made her nipples pulse so hard she thought they would burst.

‘Do you deserve to be punished?’


A fresh surge from the phalluses coursed through her.

‘Do you beg to be punished?’

‘Yes, yes, yes…’

A harder surge from the phalluses that made her sob.  It went on and on…

She was a rocket on a pad trying to launch by spraying out juices and spurting into the bucket.  But she was clamped down, so all the pressure focussed inwards where flame and fuel mixed and a dam of hot, liquid shameful joy and pain burst in her loins and seared through her brain.

And then everything went black.