THE DEMON INSIDE by drkfetyshnyghts



The Demon Inside - extract



Aunt Dora played with Martha’s G spot. That was exactly what she did with her fingers. She played with that G spot, rubbing it, pressing it, keeping it under pressure so that those little pulses of pleasure were always there. Caprice stood back - she didn’t say anything or do anything, she just watched. She watched and listened to what was going on.

“I think we need to lose the pubic hair Martha, don’t you agree?”

With her free hand Dora was running her fingertips very lightly over the down of black hair that framed Martha’s cunt. She was using her G spot fingers to keep that pressure up, to keep that sexual arousal up so that basically, Martha would agree with her.

“If, if you, think so.. yes, yes it has to be ok.”

Martha’s words came in little stuttering single words, some punctuated and some not.

“What does Miss Caprice think I wonder.”

Dora, this little round lady kept playing and teasing with the most private flesh of Martha as she talked.

“Yes, I think Aunt’s like Martha are much, much better with a smooth, hairless cunt. The hair, looks ok, but it takes focus away from the ‘cunt’ of the bitch. And that isn’t right.”

Once again Caprice’s ability to shock was to the fore.

“You see Aunt Martha, Aunt Dora knows best.”

And Dora was smiling with these thick red lips and she was adding to the fucked up bizarreness of what was happening in this place. For Martha, her head was swirling and it was filled with fog. Caprice had fucked her head up all by herself, but now, with this other woman, this round woman - almost a caricature of a woman, her head was being taking to a different place that she didn’t and couldn’t get grips with. And this wouldn’t get any easier to cope with.

“I think nice and smooth, before I eat, is the way to go, don’t you Aunt Martha?”

And as she spoke she was pressing and rubbing that G spot inside of Martha’s femininity. The trouble for Martha was that at this point everything was sexual. Everything said, everything done was sexual and she was holding onto that because it meant that, to that certain degree she could ignore everything else in the real world. Always in the back of her mind though was the fact that she would be back there at some point. Back in her real world - the god awful world where the despair was like a quicksand swallowing her up.

“Yes… yes I think that’s best. Me nice and smooth before you eat.”

And for the life of Martha she couldn’t work out what ‘before Dora ate’ meant. And if she was honest with herself she didn’t give a flying fuck what it meant. And then all of a sudden those little fat fingers of the round lady weren’t inside her any more. They had slid out of her, and now Dora was holding them, dripping with the produce from inside of Martha above the older bondaged woman. But she kept her other fingers, from the other hand just lightly playing over the down of black hair - keeping the excitement and the juices flowing.

“Wanna lick my fingers clean, show Miss Caprice what a good girl you are?”