EVOLUTION by drkfetyshnyghts




EVOLUTION – extract



So she knew what it was capable of and what a victim went through when it was fitted, tightened and then locked on. She also knew that it would be useless to plead with this woman for any kind of mercy. It was kind of like Jasmine knew her time was up, before it was up. It was kind of like she didn’t even try to hold on to her dignity and pride because that would just provide this woman with more ‘enjoyment’ at her expense. It was like she just needed to ‘go quietly’ if that was the right term. And this was what she did, to an extent, as those electric shocks through the collar began and as she began to walk, or ‘strut’ in time with the rotating pole. It was the fact that with each and every shock delivered she got weaker.

Her breath-taking legs got weaker and her steps got more stumbling in quality. She was a dominatrix, at the top of her game being taken out and this was at the forefront of the vision that presented itself here. The shock collar kept her neck long and her head high, and proud. That had been one of the biggest specs when she’d designed that collar - that the slave, male or female would be forced to be proud to be suffering for her. And now she was forced to be proud for this woman who had done a number on her in a way that she’d never been done a number on.

From the side-lines Maria, a somehow different Maria from the one that had presented herself to Jasmine, stood and watched the downward spiral that she had created for Jasmine. And there was this casual arrogance to her stance because of that. She stood, actually smoking a cigarette as Jasmine was forced to keep up with the pole that was rotating her and by her side was the older, grey haired man, the Ultra Deviant elder, who’d left this ‘project’ largely to her and was pleased with what he was seeing.