The Sacrifice by Simon Grail

The Sacrifice

(Simon Grail)

The Sacrifice - excerpt

Excerpt from: The Sacrifice


‘Oh, Great God Baal of the Phoenicians and Canaanites, who will rise up again as ruler of this world when the proper sacrifice is made in your honour,’ he said.  ‘Accept this latest humble offering of female flesh from us, your devoted servants…’

One of the acolytes stepped forward with a pot of red poster paint and a brush.  Lord Ram dipped the brush into it and then pulled Angela’s head back so he could paint on her forehead the blocky outline of a bull’s head with curved horns.

‘See, Lord Baal,’ he intoned. ‘We offer up to you a virgin woman as foretold, born on Walpurgis Night bearing the mark of the holy horns!’

No, it wasn’t possible! Angela thought incredulously as she moaned and snivelled in growing horror.  This could not be happening!

‘Now in your honour we shall prepare her in mind and body for the holy coupling…’ Ram said.

He jerked a stunned and disbelieving Angela to her feet by her leash and led her across to the overhanging tree that she had seen the men putting a rope over earlier.  They then pushed her down onto her back and pulled her legs up above her head and pulled them wide.  Then they tied a second shorter pole between her ankles, binding it in place with many loops of rope so that her legs were held splayed wide.  Then they lowered the end of the rope dangling over the branch until they could tie it to the centre of this pole.  A couple of the men began to haul on the other end of the rope, dragging it back over the branch and Angela was jerked up into the air feet first.  They tied the rope off about the tree trunk when she was hanging at head height with her legs now stretched up in a “V” and her arms drawn rigidly out sideways along the pole bound across her back.  Her heavy breasts flopped up inverted towards her collarbones while her hair dangled beneath her. 

The hooded club men formed up into a ring about her.  Each was now carrying a trimmed, springy length of willow wand like a cane.  Lord Ram took hold of Angela and began to twist her round and round, winding the rope up as he did so.  She gurgled and whimpered as the pulse thudded in her temples.  Then he gave her a push and let her go. 

Angela swung and spun about sickeningly under the tree branch.  As she did so the hooded men beat her with their willow wands.  They hissed through the air and cracked onto her spinning flesh, striking her whole body from inverted top to toe, but their favourite targets were her buttocks and back and the exposed cleft of her sex between her spread straining thighs and of course her heavy breasts that bobbed and wobbled as she spun about.  The wands cut cruelly into their soft globes, flattening them inwards with square-on blows or making them jiggle and bounce about when they struck from the sides.  To her further horror she found her nipples rising and swelling into desperate hardness even as they were beaten.

Burning pain spread across her body as from chest to shoulders it was covered in a criss-cross of blazing pink and scarlet stripes, which where they crossed grew into purple welts.  She shrieked and sobbed and bit into her gag as her eyes filled with tears which ran up through her brows into her hair.