Fiction4All has always believed no author should actually pay to get their book published. In this modern world, provided the author is prepared to work with a publisher, it should be possible to get a book published quickly, with no cost to the author and with minimum cost to the publisher.

On that basis, and with your co-operation as an author, our publishing program always has been, and will continue to be FREE.

Our publishing option is only available to authors aged at least 18 years, who have not previously published the title being submitted through other publishers or self-publishing programs, including free sites, either as a complete work or part work.

In publishing a book through Fiction4All you give us permission to distribute your title through third party digital sales sites such as Kindle as appropriate and you give us rights to publish your book in both digital and print formats at our discretion. We have other requirements which you can read about in our Author Suite before you submit a book to us; those conditions relate to how long we require exclusivity to your book and, for adult books, what content we will not publish.

We provide authors the option of opting into or out of our paperback publishing options. We will always publish any book as a digital edition if we accept your submission.

Royalty terms and other vital information can be found in our Author Suite under the documents section there.

We expect all authors to send us their works using the software provided in the Author Suite, and with scripts following our layout and format requirements. We expect scripts to have been properly proof read by the author before submitting to us. We do NOT provide comprehensive editorial facilities but will format the book to our in-house style, and will apply standard proofing tools for grammar and spelling checks on the manuscript.

Our Author Suite provides the author with a full range of tools to set up author profiles, submit books, and monitor sales and royalties. We also provide authors with their own Writer's Page on Fiction4All - and various other marketing tools - and all for FREE!

Whether you are a new author writing your first book, or a seasoned professional, we look forward to welcoming you to Fiction4All and hope to build a successful and long-lasting publishing relationship with you.


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